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Biking at Viet Hai Village


The three-day two-night cruise enables The Au Co to take guests further, and explore areas of Halong Bay more thoroughly. Biking is often one of the guests' favourite activities during The Au Co Cruise. Our guests will have a chance to bike in one of famous Halong's traditional village located in the midst of the jungle. The village covers a total area of 86.25 km² with a population of just 213 people. The total distance for biking is about 5 km. There are some low hills and a tunnel. It should be easy for everyone to keep up but there are some other options available. You can choose either to bike in and out of the village or use an electric cart. Our tour guide will lead the biking group and introduce guests to the site. Take your time to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery.

Time and Location
Guests will be able to bike in the morning, on the second day. Guests will have the whole morning for the tour of famous traditional village, so there is no need to rush.

Check the bike carefully before leaving. It is important to test the brakes. Follow the instructions of tour guide closely. There are different paths on the biking route. Make sure you stay with the group at all times.