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Fruit Carving Demonstration

In the evening come and witness the traditional art of fruit carving in our special demonstration. You will see firsthand how the beautiful presentations on your buffet table are created. Join us as fruit and vegetables, including carrots and pumpkins, are transformed into roses, carnations and much more. Our chef will explain and demonstrate each step to make the carving, before you get a chance to try it yourself. Create beautiful flowers and birds from normal vegetables. There will be a little competition for guests joining the fruit carving. The winner will get a surprise gift from our chef. This is a great way to spend your evening with your family or a group of friends.

Time and Location
Fruit carving will take place at around 9:00 pm, inside the restaurant on the third deck. 

Take extra care while using the knives provided and follow the chef's instructions carefully.
If children participate, parental supervision is required.
Take it slowly and carefully. A minor mistake can ruin your masterpiece.