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MasterChef Competition


Continue your fabulous day with an exciting activity onboard. At around 5.30 pm to 6.00 pm, we will hold a “Masterchef Competition” where you have a fun time before dinner. Back to the ship after your outdoor excursions, take a shower and get ready to join us for Masterchef Competition.

Our Head Chef will be the host for this “show”, he will guide you to make the most famous and tasty Vietnamese dish - “Nem” (Spring roll). Started as a cooking demonstration, the Chef introduces ingredients needed and how to choose the best one. Then he walks you through each step to roll a spring roll with the perfect shape. Learning cooking with us, you not only know how to make the dish but also learn more about the local culture. Gastronomy has become an ambassador for Vietnamese culture in which spring roll is one of the signature culinary specialties. When our chef finishes with his part, it’s your turn to cook the spring roll yourself. It is much more fun in a competition what we call a Masterchef Competition.

Put on an apron and a chef hat, you are ready to get into the tournament to find the Masterchef. This is an exciting elimination tournament. There are two contestants in each round. The winners will go to the next round. It keeps going until we have the final winner. The “Masterchef” will be awarded a small gift and a certificate at dinner time the same day.

Masterchef Competition promises to be a great start for your evening with a lot of fun and laughs. It’s lovely to try your hands with gentle rice papers and various grinded gradients, you would find out how skillful you are and remember this moment as a memorable time during your trip. Taste hot and crispy deep-fried Nem you made by yourself, wow, it is likely the most delicious food you have ever tried.

Time and location:

  • 6:00 pm (subject to change, depending on itinerary)
  • On the sundeck or in the restaurant (depending on weather conditions)


  • You do not need to take note. After the Masterchef Competition, the recipe presented on a pretty bookmark will be delivered to each guest.
  • Before the Masterchef Competition, the bar is open for Happy Hour (buy 1 get 1). Sipping a cocktail before having fun with the cooking tournament is not a bad idea.