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Meet the Locals


The local village where you will visit used to be separated from other regions. Life in the village still retains many of the primitive aspects of ancient civilizations. People here live a simple and happy life. Within the small village, the inhabitants have formed a tight-knit community. The culture of the village reflects the traditional culture of Vietnam. Cruising with The Au Co, you will have the chance to talk with local people, get to know their culture a little better and experience what life is like for them here. As a pleasant stop over during the exploration, guests will visit an architectural marvel built by a gifted, local artist. The house features a special design and, built using bamboo, reflects the life of the villager's ancestors hundreds of years ago. In recent years, the number of foreign visitors coming here has increased gradually, as they come to admire the cultural practices used by the local residents to live a rudimentary and self-sufficient life.

Time and Location

This activity will also take place in the morning, on the second day.

Along with meeting the locals, the exploration also includes visiting community farm, biking, and trekking


Our tour guides function as interpreters on the excursion and can assist guests in talking to the locals. You can bring some candy and books for the children in the village.