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Vietnamese Tea Ceremony

People are familiar with Japanese or Chinese tea ceremonies but Vietnam also has a distinctive tea culture of its own. The tea we use and the way we drink it are much different with what you see in other countries. The Vietnamese have a preference for tea with a strong taste. The most popular kinds of tea are green tea and dried tea. Each kind has its own unique taste. The quality of the final cup of tea depends on both the quality of the tea itself and how it is prepared. Joining our Vietnamese tea ceremony on board The Au Co, our Tea Master will share tips to choose high quality tea and the steps to making the perfect cup.

Time and Location
The tea ceremony will begin at the time when you finish check-out.9:30 am
This is the last activity of the cruise and our way of thanking our beloved guests so take some time to relax and capture some pleasant memories. The tea ceremony will take place at Lan Ha Bar on the third deck. This is on the aft of the ship which where you can enjoy fantastic views of Halong Bay. 

Vietnamese people usually enjoy tea along with certain types of candy or cake. The sweet flavours of the candy helps to neutralise the bitter taste of the tea. You should take a sip of tea then a bite of candy. This is strongly recommended for those who drink Vietnamese tea for the first time. Without candy, it can often be too strong and bitter.