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Visiting Community Farm


The village in Au Co's itinerary is called “Isolated Paradise” due to its seclusion from the outside world. To support the local community, and its economy, The Au Co Cruise helped to build a community farm within the village which provides jobs and an extra income for local villagers. The fresh vegetables grown here are brought back to the kitchen on board and used as ingredients for meals in The Au Co restaurant. The vegetables here are mainly seasonal and are grown using traditional farming methods, completely free of pesticides and other chemicals. Sweet potatoes, cucumbers, jicama are some of the typical vegetables to be found on the organic farm. You will have an opportunity to see a real-life operational Vietnamese farm and how the local people work here

Time and Location
We will visit the community farm in the morning of the second day. This activity is included in the exploration of the local island, along with biking, trekking and meeting the locals. 

You can buy fresh vegetable directly from the farm.
Be careful when you walk into the farm, you will not want to destroy the seedbed.